Heal Social Media Burnout

Aka the Pressures of Perfectionism

What is Social Media Burnout?

Most of us have experienced it, especially if we run our businesses on social media. The demand to post curated content that is also relevant and and compelling every day in order to rack up high engagement rates can be extremely overwhelming and to be honest, very tough to keep up.

You might be feeling:

  • Like posting is a chore but you used to feel excited about it and now it drags you down and is impacting every part of your life and business.
  • Like what you’re posting is out of alignment and a little fake, or that you’re putting on a show. Something’s changed and you can’t identify what the problem is.
  • Burned out from trying to keep up appearances.

In this workshop you will:

  • Create a strategy in order to feel less overwhelmed and enjoy your life outside of social media
  • Get three tools to re-energize yourself and put you more in control of who you are online and reduce the stress of always being on
  • Discover a system so you can show up more powerfully and create bigger impact and influence online
  • Learn the top sources of stress that are causing your burnout so you can get your energy back

I want to help you feel free and excited about the possibilities to create and tell your story online!

x Aly Nagel

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About The Presenter

Aly Nagel is a Social Media Strategist, Coach and Speaker who is hired by women who are feeling the pressure of perfectionism, and they want to stop holding back so they can have bigger influence and impact in the world. Using her tools, clients are able to re-energize themselves and create a strategy to feel less overwhelmed by breaking free of confining standards in order to better enjoy life.


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