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Aly’s experience hosting lectures, workshops and events on topics like “Self Esteem and Social Media,” “Healing Our Relationship to Social Media,” and leading workshops where attendees create “Empowerment Collages” has built on her ability to truly connect with her audience. She shares her expertise on creating a viable social media strategy and how to authentically share your story on social media. Her ability to engage audiences of varying age demographics helps them to feel comfortable enough to open up and receptive to what they’re learning.

More recently, Aly has begun working with clients one-on-one coaching them on how to build confidence and self esteem in their everyday lives.

Stay tuned as Aly prepares to launch an online workshop series making her work with #DONTCALLMEPRETTY accessible regardless of your location.

If you are interested in scheduling an event, speaking engagement, or coaching session with Aly, please fill out the form on our events & workshops contact page and we will be in touch soon.

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Seventeen Student Travel Fashion Experience at Walker Drawas


“Thank you so much for talking to us today, you inspire so many people to love themselves for who they are, and I want to thank you for giving people a chance to be themselves.” - Breana, Student Buena High School
“Your presentation was so inspiring and I kinda fell in love with you and your brand today.” - Bella, Student Woodbury University