#WCW: Krystina Sloan

#WCW: Krystina Sloan

Krystina Sloan is turning stereotypes upside down by blasting through what society says it means to be the "pretty girl." She is sharing real life stories that expose the real, raw truth of what it looks like to be an imperfect human, and encouraging others to do the same as she hosts the online show "Breaking Pretty Girl Syndrome."

Q&A with Krystina Sloan

DCMP: What is “Pretty Girl Syndrome?”

KS: Pretty Girl Syndrome is feeling constrained by the need to look good all the time, and look like you have it all together. It is also trying to live the way you think you "should" based on someone else's standards.

DCMP: How are you working to change the way we think about ourselves as women?

KS: I am working to change the way we think about ourselves as women by normalizing the guilt, shame and self doubt we have all felt at some point in our lives. By acknowledging the truth to ourselves and sharing it vulnerably, our fears are diminished and we can move forward as happy, free and radiant women.. shining from the inside out. If we ignore the "ugly" things and stuff them down.... they stay inside and muddy our inner light. You are meant to let your inner light shine!

DCMP: What can people expect during the Breaking Pretty Girl Syndrome Online Show?

KS: During the show, everyone participating as a contributor or viewer will feel the power of women supporting women. People who participate will feel 100% accepted exactly as they are and will realize they are not alone. They will get to shed layers of social programming, release the power that their past has over them, and re-claim their power and voice as a woman.

DCMP: How do you practice self care?

KS: I practice self care by putting my inner state above anything else. I recently learned what it really means when people say that your outer world reflects your inner world. If I catch myself judging someone, I go inside and realize I'm judging myself. I literally will say "It's ok, you're doing a great job. I love you". Like magic, the judgment of the other person disappears. I talk to myself all the time now! If I feel scared, I soothe myself. If I feel anxious, I take a moment to quiet my mind and look for everything that IS going right.

I'm also a huge spa junkie and everyone who knows me knows I love to "zen" out with candles, crystals, sage, baths, oils and anything else I can get my hands on. I am a maximalist in this way.

DCMP: What is one thing other women can practice regularly to help uplift and support other women?

KS: I'd say that in our day to day lives, the biggest thing we can do is genuinely feel love and support for other women. If you feel competitive or jealous, take a look at why. We can relate to them as if they are our own inner child, and realize we are all just as scared as the next person. A simple smile at the gym or grocery store can go a long way. Remember someone has to receive for us to be able to give, so be sure to take your turn receiving as well!

DCMP: What does being authentically yourself mean to you?

KS: I think that it means accepting my life experiences, including the ones I can't control. Being authentically myself also means pursuing my dreams, because I know that we each have desires completely unique to us, and that is more significant than we sometimes realize. My desires are my own individual guiding star, leading me to my life's purpose, just as yours are.

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Register for The Breaking Pretty Girl Syndrome Online Show beginning February 14th, 2019!

Deb X Speech Krystina Sloan: Pretty Girl Syndrome

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  • I love what you are creating. Many will be freed from the tyranny of the pretty girl syndrome because you are willing to develop yourself to speak so eloquently on the topic. Thank YOU Krystina!

    Sharon Lewis on

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