#WCW: Cara Carin Cifelli

#WCW: Cara Carin Cifelli

Cara Carin Cifelli helps humans heal their relationship with food and their bodies so healthy eating and healthy living is easy and fun. She does this by helping people break out of disordered eating and yo-yo dieting by reconnecting them to the woven in wisdom of their bodies.

Q&A with Cara Carin Cifelli

DCMP: How are you working to change the way the world sees weight-loss? 

CC: I am working to change the way our world sees weight-loss and the need to be thin. We've confused the pursuit of weight-loss with the pursuit of health and as a result, so many of us struggle to be at peace with food and our bodies.

DCMP: What inspires you?

CC: So many things! A woman connected to her passion and purpose. A really delicious meal, a beautiful sunset over the ocean, an intellectual conversation, I could go on. 

DCMP: What is something you do to empower other women?

CC: I help peel off the layers of self-doubt from our society and help connect them to their inherent worthiness and God-given Enough-ness. I do this with my coaching practice, books, Instagram and my podcast, Love Your Bod Pod. 

DCMP: How do you practice self care?

CC: So many ways, but a favorite form of self-care is my morning routine that includes meditation, visualization, mantra work, exercise, journaling and a really good cup of coffee. 

DCMP: What is a piece of advice you would give to your fifteen year old self?

CC: I know you feel insecure and think that going on a diet to lose weight will fill the void you feel, but it won't. This pursuit of thinness will take way more from your life than you could ever imagine. You are SO enough and you do not need the perfect body to be worthy to take up space in this world. Nourish and honor yourself, sweet girl, the world needs you to shine not shrink.

DCMP: What would you like to be called instead of pretty?

CC: Inspiring

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